Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Exploring Some of the New Technologies Shown at the Most Recent Construction Industry Expos

Exploring Steel Construction Industry

Chicago always tends to do things in a sensational fashion and the 2019 construction expo is no exception from that rule. While there are many construction expos being organized throughout the country, this is the biggest one, covering most of the Midwest and offering visitors a real show with some of the most advanced innovation in construction technology that you’ll see just about anywhere.


The expo showcases the work of contractors, architects, house builders, engineers and a host of other experts who are capable of remarkable feats in their respective fields. When focusing on the technologies themselves, however, you will be taken aback by the impressive innovations you see.


The main focus is of course on sustainability and eco-friendly technologies, as builders and manufacturers are trying to make their new products as nature-friendly as possible, and to prevent them from using too much electricity from the grid. Solar and geothermal energy is the main thing under the spotlight this year, with sustainable building technologies following closely behind.


You’ll also find a lot of information about new ways to handle lighting and the use of materials like metal and glass, and some experts will be present to convey information and showcase technologies responsible for faster construction and building more unique shapes that look almost 3D printed.  Find more on the newest construction technologies, see https://www.canamsteelbuildings.com/.

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Friday, June 14, 2019

Important Innovations to Keep Track of in the Metal Building Industry

Metal Building Industry Innovations

Metal buildings are considered a game changer in and of themselves, due to the innovative designs that newer metal buildings come with and the advanced coatings they feature, which makes them prolong their lifespans and withstand the harsh weather conditions in some areas much longer.


Many of the innovations in the metal building industry are also available in the case of regular buildings as well. For example, installing a solar panel array and an electric heating system to keep your building off the grid is a common strategy and one that is widely available throughout the construction industry.


The real innovations that architects and engineers have to offer, however, have to do with the shape and style of metal buildings. Some can be designed using unique shapes and a combination of glass and metal that makes the entire building nearly transparent. Others look very neat and professional, and feature designs that mimic concrete and slate, but all the while the building is made entirely of metal.


Of course, the innovation of metal buildings isn’t just meant for fancy aesthetics. It’s also designed for practical purposes, such as buildings that are structurally sound and meant to withstand strong winds. Some buildings are even built to be aerodynamic, so that the friction is minimized and strong winds of over 100 mph will hardly have any effect on them.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Essential Design Recommendations for Your New Customized Metal Building

Site Recommendation For Metal Building Design Plans

If you have enough money, you can forego the standard design of a metal building and opt for a customized one. However, be mindful, since designing a metal building from scratch won’t be an easy thing to do, and you might actually need help from a professional architect to pull it off.


In most cases, the presence of an architect and an experienced contractor will be necessary, if you want your blueprints to be ready on time. That way, you only need to prepare a rough draft of what the building should look like and what the main features should be; then you can leave the rest to the pros.


It’s important to first start by establishing the dimensions of the building and make sure it can be stable. The base and a foundation, if necessary, has to be focused on at first, and then you can look at the various rooms – if any – as well as the various levels and finally the roof. Then comes the design, paint and coloring, and you’ll also have to consider whether the building’s dimensions, design and layout matches what you actually need it for.


Doors and windows will also have to be added, and you’ll need to look at their style and placement as well. In most cases, you will have a limited option to choose from in this regard, but some contractors will also provide you with the choice to have custom doors and windows installed.  Find a wide selection of metal building designs, go to site.

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Friday, June 7, 2019

Helpful Tips for Inspecting Your Steel Building for Weather Damage

Helpful Metal Building Inspection Tips

Inspecting your metal buildings for rain or hail damage, as well as damage resulting from snow and ice during the winter, is no easy feat. You’ll have to follow a few distinctive steps, if you want to be able to cover all the most essential points:


  1. Start with the roof. If there’s any part of the building that might have been affected by rain, wind or hail, it will be the part that’s in the direct line of fire. However, you’ll often find that it takes a lot to actually damage a brand new metal building’s roof, and the main concern will be whether any of the paint or coating might have come off, leaving the metal exposed and prone to rusting.
  2. Dents made by the powerful impact of hail can also be possible. Metal roofs aren’t indestructible, and there are certain impacts that can even punch a hole through the metal that makes up your metal building. However, in the case of hail this will likely not happen any time soon.
  3. Signs of rusting and water damage can occur if the metal buildings are older and haven’t been taken care of much as of late. If you notice that, it’s important to consult an expert and see if the rusted areas can be treated, or if some patchwork might be necessary to cover them and then add some necessary coating as well.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Can Metal Buildings Actually Be Affected by Heat Damage?

Excessive heat can mess almost everything up, and you’ll find that some building materials are a lot more prone to heat damage than others. Fortunately, the metal used in the construction of metal buildings can withstand temperatures of well over 1,000 degrees without being damaged.


Now, it’s important to know what is meant by heat damage. Usually, if the building catches fire, we’re already speaking about fire damage, so that’s when the temperatures are highest. Heat damage, on the other hand, typically happens if there’s a powerful source of heat nearby or if the heat comes from the sun itself.


In the latter case, most buildings have to suffer as a result of discoloration and the fading of their paint – which can happen in the case of metal buildings. However, the heat and UV radiation of the sun, as well as any temperatures below 1,000 degrees, will hardly be able to land a single scratch on your new metal building. The most that can happen is that the metal can change its shape slightly and become somewhat larger when subjected to enough heat. This process of expansion, however, is quite common, and is accounted for by manufacturers.


Metals like steel, iron, aluminum and copper are extremely resilient, and apart from aluminum, which has its melting point around 660 C, all the other metals involved in metal building construction can withstand really high temperatures without any problems whatsoever.

For a great metal building company, look to CANAM STEEL BUILDING CORPORATION.

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Friday, May 31, 2019

The Process Of Fabricating Metal Buildings

Time Cost Quality Of A Steel Building

The terminology used over the years to describe a steel building has changed as this technology has progressed. As a result, many of these name changes have created confusion like: are we talking about a steel structure, a modular building, a prefabricated building or a metal-built system?

Each of these terms describes a type of structure that is pre-designed and partially assembled in a manufactory, but the fabrication process is a little different.

  • Modular buildings

Modular buildings are three-dimensional segments for construction, produced in a factory. Some are completely modular and are also known as "building blocks", assembled together on site to create the final result: a steel building. Others are semi-finished, delivered like this to the construction site and assembled there.

  • Prefabricated buildings

Prefabricated buildings are finished and assembled in the manufactory.

  • Pre-engineered buildings

This type of buildings emerged in the 1960s. Similarly to the previous types, they were pre-designed at the factory, due to the changes that had to be applied in some cases to standard designs. Buildings of this type also have standard openings, standard doors and windows and a similar design.

  • Metal building systems

This category includes the most modern buildings used today ranging from small residential garages to large distribution centers, some with customized exterior, various finishes, with attics or other improvements. The term MBS has recently been introduced in the industry to describe the modern structural engineering concepts as well as the architectural principles used today for metal constructio

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Investing In A Metal Shed

Metal Building Investments

If you are interested to buy a metal shed, you must ensure that you make a good investment. You can do that if you have the right information to hand. Otherwise you may be one of those customers who are disappointed that their metal shed is not what they were expecting.

But first, let`s review the benefits of owning a metal shed: it is rodent and insect proof, resistant to rot as well as to wear and tear (metal will not crack or split). A metal shed is also fire retardant and virtually maintenance free and a sustainable building, which makes it very convenient.

Most people also invest in a metal shed because of the security it provides, although you must be aware that not all metal sheds offers the same level of security just because they are made of metal. The quality and thickness of the metal, as well as the accessories make the difference, so you should be willing to invest some money into quality instead of opting for the cheapest option. Cheap metal sheds are good for storage, but they do not provide too much security, so do not be mislead.

Regardless the type of metal shed you choose, make sure you get at least 15 year warranty, although for a highly secure shed made from quality materials and accessories, you should get a significantly longer warranty.

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Exploring Some of the New Technologies Shown at the Most Recent Construction Industry Expos

Chicago always tends to do things in a sensational fashion and the 2019 construction expo is no exception from that rule. While there are m...