Friday, September 28, 2018

All About Steel Building Insulation


Foam Board Installation

Steel buildings are reliable, modern looking and sustainable. For this reason, an increasing number of persons and companies opt for this type of building. If you want to build a steel structure, you should know the particularities of insulating it.


Types of Insulation for Steel Buildings

Every building material has a specific range of insulating materials that can be used on it. For steel, these are:


  1. Fiberglass Blanket

This is the most frequently used type of insulation, because it is affordable and easy to install. Apart from providing insulation, the fiberglass blanket is also fireproof and soundproof. This type of insulation is also outfitted with odor, mold and moisture resistant accessories.


  1. Foam Board Insulation

This type of insulation is quite expensive and it has a temporary character – it needs to be replaced after a number of years because it loses its insulating properties. At the same time, foam board insulation is not soundproof, compared to the fiberglass blanket. On a plus note, foam board insulation is energy efficient and can be applied either inside or outside the building.


  1. Loose-fill Insulation

This type of insulation consists of fiber pellets, or even loose fibers, which are blown into the cavities of the steel building with a special device. It has the advantage of filling corners properly and reducing air leakage inside the building, as well as being soundproof.


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