Tuesday, February 4, 2020

How Long Do Steel Buildings Last?

How Long A Steel Building Lasts What To Do To Keep It Maintained

Steel buildings enjoy great popularity these days and one of the features that accounts for that popularity is longevity. Steel is among the most durable materials used in constructions – when it is used as the principle material in a building, the result will be stable and will probably last over half a century. However, the longevity of your steel building is determined not only by the quality of the steel used – here are some other aspects:

  • Exploitation – rough usage can shorten the lifespan of your steel building;
  • Maintenance – steel buildings are the preferred solutions for many applications due to the low maintenance needs of these buildings. However, even steel buildings need some attention every once in a while – what to do - applying a fresh coat of paint every three or five years, following the detailed inspection of the entire building envelope and the repair of any issues detected during the inspection and a thorough annual wash can prolong the lifespan of any steel building;
  • Insulation – insulation serves many goals, it is installed not only to form an efficient thermal barrier between the building interior and the exterior. The right type of insulation will prevent condensation and the constant exposure of building components to moisture, thus increasing building durability.

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